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Eco-Restorative Design

Applying Agrarian Earth Science towards the Re-Greening America.

Eco-restorative design makes use of buildings and their environs to help replenish Earth’s ecosystems. Our environmental dilemma sets the stage for this idea. Our plan to action focuses on the use of Agrarian Earth Sciences to help restore ecological balance. Our underlying theme is to reeducate and redirect perceptions about western culture’s relationship to the Earth. To put this new thinking into action, we will entertain the opportunity to win America’s enthusiastic support towards implementing a national green revolution – “Re-Greening America”.

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Rethinking Houses

As Living Systems for All Life Forms

In the United States buildings and homes use 70% of utility produced electricity and produce 38% of our carbon emissions. We stand on the threshold of shifting to carbon-free energies to heat, cool, and light our way to renewed habitats that enrich life for people, plants, and animals.

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