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“Whole Garden Home”

New Earth Home and Garden’s Commitment and Mission Statement

Written by: Tim Watson, Eco-Restorative Architect

We hold the vision for creating a new generation of houses which independently produce their own energy and rainwater based resources. In the face of global warming and continuing erosion of the earth’s environmental resource base, we are committed to participate in the goal of seeing the United States generate 100% of its electricity using renewable resources by 2018, as well as adopt cutting edge water resource and conservation design. We furthermore are committed to designing “water management systems” that produce off- building site water flows replicating natural flows which occurring before the creation of impervious surfaces and altered topography.

Our inspiration acknowledges that current home design standards are improving. However, we also know homes which do not produce as much energy as they consume, and which are completely dependent upon public supplied treated water, are inherently unsustainable. This is predicated on our nation’s dependence upon fossil fueled electrical generation plants and their associated energy distribution technology, current diminution of water resources, and storm water/wastewater environmental impacts.

We are therefore dedicated to the idea that now is the time to employ immediate-at- hand technologies which can realistically achieve these two principal goals:

  • Adoption of “Net zero” electrical utility usage whereby as much electrical energy is produced per housing unit as is consumed
  • Application of “agrarian earth sciences” whereby rainwater use and soil management systems render houses beneficial to the natural environment

In response to these goals, we are exploring new opportunities to bridge the gap now separating human system thinking from universal natural system design. We not only seek to achieve sustainable dynamics between these two systems; we seek to further apply “eco-restorative design” dynamics as an integral part of this rebalancing work.

We believe through the application of agrarian earth technologies, it is possible to transform human habitats such that all life forms can then be regenerated, enriched, and encouraged to rebalance their own indigenous natural systems. Such regenerative/restorative thinking is seen to enhance successful future probabilities for most life forms now co-inhabiting Earth.

The following New Earth Home and Garden mission statement forms the focus for the “eco-restorative design” thinking to which we are committed:

To build affordable houses which are designed to “restore” Earth’s natural environment to its former health… thereby helping people celebrate and live their lives in concert with healing the Earth.

For those interested in learning more about New Earth Home and Garden’s commitment and mission statement, you are welcome to contact Tim Watson, restorative architect, at


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