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Timothy L. Watson, NCARB Architect


"When we tug on a single thing in nature we find it attached to everything else."
John Muir

About the firm and my professional work history
After graduating with a Master of Urban Design degree from Rice University in 1976, I began work as job captain for a small firm in Houston.  Within two years, I became responsible for overall office management, and developed a strong background in contract administration for construction projects having a combined value of $10,000,000 in Florida and throughout Texas.

Prior to the end of 1979, I established my own firm as a sole proprietorship specializing in light commercial and residential construction. I later moved to Virginia in 1987, and accepted employment by a firm then known as Oxman and Associates. I was responsible for managing most commercial projects within this mid-sized architectural office, and handled all design and critical contract administration involving Florida and Virginia commercial projects. Contractor performance liability concerns were also an important part of my responsibility during this time.

In 1989, I founded a collaborative consisting of three architects and support staff in Leesburg, Virginia. Our group, then known as Design Consortium, serviced a variety of planning consultation, residential design-build, and tenant lease improvement projects having a combined construction value of almost $30 million. Proficient schematic design and presentation skills were instrumental in securing many of the projects produced in this office. A succession of innovative commercial and residential projects in Florida was also undertaken.

During this phase of the firm’s history, personal time was donated within the auspices of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its AIAS student affiliation. By 1993, this volunteer work had brought to my attention new ways to help clients build “earth friendly” houses. As a result, professional services were expanded to address a range of environmental issues and sustainable use patterns. An additional design service offering long-range contingency planning for off-grid residential design was adopted as result of this new focus, as well as specifications for non-toxic building materials for clients having chemical sensitivity syndrome concerns.

Today, TLW Architect specializes in single-family residential home designs of all sizes and budgets, ranging from large estate master planning services to 1000-square-foot-sized cottages. Often my design consultations are launched with the client’s direct participation using fast sketch and drawing overlay techniques. This highly interactive approach has proved to be an effective tool for developing initial schematic design ideas with clients. Today a ‘team player’ approach characterizes the benefit clients gain by seeing their completed projects reflect carefully considered input between themselves, our consultants, the general contractor, and TLW Architect.

The essential benefits of my service include:

  • Cost competitive design service that carefully addresses the client’s project budget.     
  • Natural building materials and systems design whenever feasible, and if requested.
  • A Broad range of aesthetic styles which seek to connect interior space with the outdoors.
  • Appropriate fit of the building design to surrounding natural site conditions.
  • Enthusiastic support for designing around environmentally sustainable lifestyles.
  • Economy of thermal energy, water, air distribution, and power generation.
  • The use of environmentally oriented specialists and consultants when appropriate.
  • Sustainable community design advocating the application of permaculture technologies.
  • A sole proprietorship service benefited by 30 years of experience, thus ensuring continuity throughout the design decision-making process during all phases of service.

If you would like to know more about TLW Architect, try learning more about my work history through the eyes of my clients. A comprehensive client referral list is available upon request.


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