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Updated May 2007
(commercial projects shown in bold type)

Information shown under “Project Description” describes stage of architectural services, construction status, and design features.

Project Client Information

Project Description

Newlon Master Suite Addition
Durham County, North Carolina
Chris and Betsy Newlon
5807 Brisbane Drive
Chapel Hill, NC27514
(919) 967-1652

Contemporary-styled addition above an existing garage.  Window and door placement allows appropriate exposure to sun angles, and optimizes intimate visual connection with the surrounding woodland environment. Unique interior wall partitioning complements the design.
    (Completed 2006 - Cost: $170k)

Cape St. Claire House
Annapolis, Maryland
Don and Theresa Dicken
3708 Calvert St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 965-7955

Victorian-styled new residence situated in a “Critical Use Area” location near Chesapeake Bay having potential high wind velocity exposures and site area permeability issues.  The only residence in the subdivision having a detached garage thanks to use of innovative site design. Interior columned hall complements the porch and backyard deck trellis.
     (Completed 2006 -  Cost: $280k)

Moss Rock Inn
Capon Bridge, West Virginia
Brad and Cathy Wotring
P. O. Box 407
Capon Bridge, WV 26711
(304) 856-2900

A 150-year-old Federal-styled estate home addition featuring unique design for millwork and surrounds, new columned portico, and new out-building accommodating recreational activities and car storage. Design includes multi-fuel boiler which anticipates future fuel costs as well as availability, and a skylight monitor to augment daylighting in the interior plan area.
       (Construction Phase started 2005 - Projected Cost: $450k +)

 “River Nest” Additions and Remodeling
Northumberland County, Virginia
Dr. Herbert and Pam Smith
934 Blackwell’s Wharf Road 
Burgess, VA 22432
(804) 453-5519

Contemporary-styled addition to existing previous TLW Architect design completed in 2001. New master suite features an “endless pool” solarium with roof window glass and matching glazing throughout the suite, affording carefully framed view connections to the surrounding landscaping and Great Wilcomico River. Passive and active solar technology used throughout.
        (Completed 2007 - Cost: $550k +)

Family Room and Guest Suite Addition
Loudoun County, Virginia
Mark and Mary Weshinskey
11194 Edwards Farm Lane
Purcellville, VA 20132
(540) 668-6504

An addition which required blending detailing and carefully designed new building proportions complementing a 200-year-old original stone house. Features a library stairway, “bermed” finish grades to control the addition's height above surrounding landscaping, and geothermal heating and cooling.
        (Completed 2005 - Cost: $450k)

Ridge Oaks Estate Additions
Loudoun County, Virginia
George McDonnell
19315 Loudoun Orchard Road
Leesburg, VA 20175
(703) 777-1963

Queen Anne Victorian-styled addition with a unique kitchen to garage design featuring a new roof-top garden and terrace. Circulation from garage to include a two-story conservatory with retrofit design for elevator service.
        (Pending Construction - Projected cost for all phases: $850k)

Pleasant Green Farms Subdivision
Orange County, North Carolina

George Horton,  Developer
960 Corporate Drive Suite 102 Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 732-5055

New gateway entrance complex for an exclusive subdivision development offering lots averaging $400,000. Design is closely coordinated with landscaping elements, signage, site area lighting, and photovoltaic power. Building design features dry-laid structural stone walls, timber framing, Cobblestone and flagstone used at key locations. 
        (Nearing completion 2007 - Projected project cost: $400k)


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