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Tim Watson, Eco-Restorative Architect

Tim Watson serves as architect, educator, inventor, Sacred Pipe Carrier, and Director / Co-Founder of EarthWalk Alliance.

As an architect, he believes buildings that do less harm to the environment are good - but not good enough! Tim believes that buildings, their designers, and their occupants can play a key role in restoring humankind's balance with nature's grand design. Importantly, his eco-restorative philosophy embraces the spiritual connection that universally exists between humans and the natural world. He sees how this conversation can be taken to practical applications via use of “soft technologies”.

This emerging life's work has led him to develop a concept known as "Eco Restorative Design for Buildings". His ideas embrace an approach to holistic building design that draws from human ecology, earth ecologies, biology, engineering and cultural values. He advocates the retrofitting and construction of structures that restore the Earth's capacity to not only sustain, but enhance biodiversity and populations of life forms affected by human built environment. His work focuses on helping people see how human derived Living Systems can mimic nature, and serve as net contributors to the natural environment. He explains the health of our planet can be greatly augmented by the application of eco-restorative design to both existing and new building sites everywhere.

His early exposure to Native American cultures and their nature-based concepts helped draw Tim to the Eco Restorative concept. The writings of the eco-philosopher Thomas Berry, added further inspiration to the evolution of Tim's ideas. Thomas' books, The Dream of the Earth, and The Great Work, highlight the importance of working in concert with nature's planetary and local ecosystems. These writings, and the teachings of indigenous peoples, have helped Tim grow towards a deepening awareness regarding the sacred nature of Earth Herself.

Tim is currently collaborating with people wanting to strengthen their active participation with good Earth Stewardship. Their collective ideas have taken form since 2004 and are now in progress via a non-profit organization known as EarthWalk Alliance. The mission of this Alliance is to bring people together in ways that nurture people and planet. Through offering presentations on topics germane to this mission, and demonstrating how it is possible to make significant progress though Living Systems design at Baldwin Farm Resource Center, EarthWalk Alliance is helping local community interests envision the safe future of their children, and the children of all life communities.

Further information is available at

Tim Watson is Director of EarthWalk Alliance and co-founded the organization.

In his article written for "Ecozoic" magazine, Tim states:

"The time of anthropologically focused buildings must come to an end. In our immediate future we must envision buildings and homes that directly serve both humankind, and the communities of life forms they impact."
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